Friday, January 30, 2015

Patterns for Pirates: Straight Palazzo Pants

It's no secret that I test patterns for a bunch of different pattern designers and Patterns for Pirates is one of my favorites.  Judy, the brains of the operation, is really fun to work with and really works hard to get everything just right before releasing a pattern.

This time, I was asked to test her Straight Palazzo Pants.

Sugarplum Cuties: Patterns for Pirates Palazzo Pants

I chose a foil printed leopard print that was on sale for this project.  They're fleece lined on the inside so I knew the comfort and warmth factors would be working in my favor.

Sugarplum Cuties: Patterns for Pirates Palazzo Pants

The pattern is great! You can dress the pants up or down depending on the look you're going for, and you can wear them high waisted with a shirt tucked in for a more high fashion look as well.  As always, Judy's patterns are easy to assemble, and the pictures and tutorial are very clear.  This is a super quick sew that'll leave you with a cute statement piece in your wardrobe.  Highly recommend!

It was about -7 the day we took these pictures and I was FREEZING!  So I'll leave you with a little outtake.

Sugarplum Cuties: Patterns for Pirates Palazzo Pants

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Christmas Recap

I've been meaning to write this post for 2 years.  Better late than never!

Every year for the Christmas Eve festivities in our Indiana family, I make each tiny kiddo a pair of Christmas pajamas and some other kind of handmade goodie.  Last year (2013) I did jammies and a new pillowcase for all the kids.

It's literally impossible to take a good picture of 5 children ages 6 and younger.  Poor Gunner doesn't know what to do!

Then, complete chaos ensues and the bed jumping begins!  At least here you can see a full pajama shot.  For the boys and girls I used the Peek-a-Boo Patterns Alex and Anna Winter PJs and just altered the placement of the fabrics.  The baby's jammies were an Alex and Anna top with Terra's Treasures Monkey Leggings for his big cloth diapered bum.

For the pillowcases, I used t-shirt panels and knit fabrics and just make them to standard pillowcase size.  No pattern necessary.  :)  My kids still use their pillowcases every night!

This year, there were a few changes on of them being a new kiddo to sew for, making the total 6 pairs of jammies!

Pictured here is 5/6 kids.  (The littlest one was napping during the pictures).  The boys are Alex and Anna Winter PJs again this year and for the girls I used the Alex and Anna top and paired it with LilyGiggle Petunia Petal Pants.  Stripes/solids for boys and dots/snowflakes for girls this year.  Super cute.

The other handmade gift they got were capes and masks!  I used the EYMM My Little Superhero Set for the capes and masks.  (Sometimes, it's far easier to buy a pattern than it is to draft one of your own).  The girls got pink ones and the boys got superhero ones (even the babies).  They all have the first letter of their first name appliqued on the back!  My sweet sweet SIL bought all the fabric for the capes on Black Friday, and she helped me cut some of the kids' jammies out too!  She's the best in the west.

This was the only picture I could find of the back of their capes.  I took this one with my phone while I was making it.  They came out super cute.

I think that about sums up the Homemade Christmas Recap of 2013 and 2014.  I'll try and be more prompt in 2015.  :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Girl's BundleUP Blog Tour

 Girl's Sewing Pattern Bundle

By now I'm sure you've all heard of the fabulous Girl's BundleUP over at Pattern Revolution.  If you haven't, you NEED to see this!  11 different pattern designers all together in one bundle for an amazing price.  The more patterns you add to your cart, the more you save per pattern.  We're talking $4.00 for sewing patterns from some of the best designers.  I'm so excited to be a small part of this blog tour in honor of the Girl's BundleUP event and I've been itching to show off what I was able to create, and now I get to finally let the cat out of the bag (pun intended)!

This is the first time I've ever sewn a jacket, and the first time I've ever sewn with a pattern from Winter Wear Designs and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.  Suzanne has created something really special and unique in this Phresh Blazer!

Sugarplum Cuties: Winter Wear Phresh Blazer

I let Rylea choose the fabric for her blazer and she went for this foil-printed, gold suedecloth.  The great thing about this pattern is that you can use virtually any type of fabric, and end up with a very professional result.  This one is a show-stopper for sure.  The fabric was difficult to sew, but the tutorial and the hugely helpful photos and line drawings really eased me through this project.

Sugarplum Cuties: Winter Wear Phresh Blazer

The Phresh Blazer pattern has options for ruffles, puffed sleeves, and different sleeve lengths.  I went with a more classic look for my girl opting for long, straight sleeves, and no ruffles.

Sugarplum Cuties: Winter Wear Phresh Blazer

I also did the welt pockets.  I've never done welt pockets before, and they were not hard at all.  The instructions were very comprehensive with really clear pictures leading me along the way.

Sugarplum Cuties: Winter Wear Phresh Blazer

I can't say enough great things about this pattern and I love that it was different than anything else I've seen in the girls market.  I just love the little fishtail flare in the back.

Sugarplum Cuties: Winter Wear Phresh Blazer

My sweet, silly girl loves it, and I do too!

Sugarplum Cuties: Winter Wear Phresh Blazer

The Phresh Blazer pattern was easy to follow, and Suzanne has an impeccable attention to detail.  She's always available if you have a question too!  This will absolutely be my go-to pattern for a jacket and I can't wait to make one for me!

Winter Wear Designs Phresh Blazer
  • Sizes: 1-14
  • Sleeves: Straight or Gathered, Long or 3/4 length
  • Optional back ruffles
  • Optional welt pockets
  • GREAT instructions
  • Line drawings and color photos included
  • Includes instructions on altering the pattern pieces for a custom fit

Lucky me, I got to sew up TWO patterns from the bundle, and I thought that the Phresh Blazer would pair really well with the LilyGiggle Cecille Top and Dress.  I have several LilyGiggle patterns and I love every single one so I knew I was going to love this one too.

Sugarplum Cuties: LilyGiggle Cecille

As soon as I saw those amazing bishop sleeves, I couldn't wait to sew this up!

Sugarplum Cuties: LilyGiggle Cecille

This was a super fast sew, and from cutting my fabric to sewing it all up, it only took me about an hour.  I see many more Cecille's in our future.  The pattern also includes instructions on getting the perfect fit.  For my girl, I did a 3T width with a 5T length and the fit is spot on, couldn't be better.  

Sugarplum Cuties: LilyGiggle Cecille

Her leggings are also another LilyGiggle pattern, the Petunia Petal Pants which are not in the bundle but everyone needs them anyway.  They look fantastic paired with the Cecille!  Cecille has a TON of different options.  I went with the flounce peplum with the long sleeves to suit our freezing, mid-west winter weather.

The peplum gives it just enough twirl factor to keep my very girly girl happy, and it doesn't slow her down in the least.  The end result is such a classic, age-appropriate look.

Sugarplum Cuties: LilyGiggle Cecille

LilyGiggle Cecille Top and Dress

  • Sizes: 2-12
  • Sleeves: Short, 3/4, Long
  • Skirt: Flounce Peplum, Gathered Peplum, Dress Length
  • Optional cowl neck
  • Optional waistband
  • Dress length skirt can be made from woven fabric
  • GREAT instructions
  • Line drawings and color photos included
  • Includes instructions on altering the pattern pieces for a custom fit
  • Print options for nested pattern pieces or one size at a time

So, what are you waiting for?  Go BundleUP!

Don't forget to check out these other talented ladies along the blog tour as well.  We're all sewing up all the different patterns and giving you the details of each one.  You don't want to miss it!

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While these patterns were provided to me free of charge, the opinions are all my own.

Friday, October 24, 2014

I Should Have Been a Kindergarten Teacher

I think it's no secret how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching preschool and kindergarten to my little ones.  Rylea and Dieter are such precious blessings to me and I've found a new love I never knew I had when we decided to homeschool!  I have not bought a curriculum to use with Rylea or Dieter this year, and I create almost all their worksheets and unit studies using my brain, PowerPoint and Google. :)  I opened a Teachers Pay Teachers store where I list all the stuff I make for the kiddos.  It's my prayer that it will help you as much as it has helped me!

Here's a look at the newest products I've made!  (Click on the pictures to go to the product in my store).

My best seller to date are my Primer and Pre-Primer Sight Word QR Code activities.  Rylea ADORES these worksheets.

You use a QR code reader on your smartphone or tablet to scan QR codes on a worksheet or on the mini posters.  The QR code reveals a sight word and the student records that word on their recording sheet.  This can be used as a write the room activity or as an individual assignment.  The little monsters are so cute!!  The pre-primer pack and the primer pack both include the entire Dolch sight word lists.

Rylea's completed worksheet for Set 1.
Another new addition to the shop are my new Sight Word Mania worksheets, and my Rainbow Writing Sight Words.

I made the rainbow writing sheets to satisfy Rylea's need for color and decoration.  She doodles on every worksheet she does.  She embellishes with hearts, dots, butterflies, ballerinas, and color.  She has such an amazing creative mind.

The Sight Word Mania sheets are born out of a need for something new for my girly with, again, lots of visual interest, and a bunch of different activities all bundled into one. She reads the word, traces the word, writes the word, spells the word, colors the word, and counts the number of syllables in the word.  Hopefully when she's done, she's got that word burned into her brain ;)

I have a FREE sample of these in my store here.  I hope you'll download it and leave me some feedback!  In fact, there's a bunch of freebies in the shop so go get them all! :)

I welcome suggestions and requests on new teaching products so feel free to shoot them at me!

Fall Fun and Photo Dump

I can't believe October is almost over!  We've been superbly busy around here.  Soccer season has finally come to a close.  I will miss watching Rylea and Dieter running around those fields with their teams!  What I won't miss is walking between two opposite fields with a 1 year old splitting time.  I'm definitely going to try harder to get them on the same team in the spring.  Now I get to hang up school papers with these cutie little magnets. :)

I signed up to bring soccer snack on the last day for Dieter's team.  I didn't want to go out and spend a bunch of money on stuff so I made some sugar cookies and icing and red sprinkles (we had all the ingredients on hand), made some cute little labels on the computer and stapled them to sandwich bags.

I still have the file I used for the labels, so if it will help anyone, I can share them here, just give me a shout. :)

In other news, school is going really well for my little guys.  Rylea is reading, and her fluency improves every day!  We're going over phonics rules now, and she's able to sound out most words we come across.  I can not express enough how thankful I am to be the one to be there when she has that light bulb reading moment.  She LOVES reading.  Math, on the other hand, is a struggle so I have to come up with creative ways to incorporate that into our day.  We're having so much fun learning and growing together.  

Rylea reading and copying the book "Go, Dog, Go!"

Dieter's handwriting has improved soooo much in the past 11 weeks of school.  He's taking his time now and really trying to please his Mommy Teacher.  He's a numbers guy.  All numbers, all the time.  He can do simple addition problems in his head, and he understands the concept of time yet he still confuses 's' with 'c' every.single.time.  I love to be able to see and know my kiddos strengths and weaknesses well.  

Dieter's handwriting sheet from 'Gg' week!
We're still learning a different Bible verse and story each week, and now, Daddy reads a Bible story to us on Sunday night and Mommy spends the rest of the week doing activities to go with that story.  I love that Daddy gets to still be the spiritual leader and authority over our family and this format is working really well.  We sorted the creation story this week.  You can find the free printable here, and you can find the Jesus Storybook Bible here.

We've also been doing a lot of art!  We decorated the house with construction paper bats during our bat unit.

We mixed and matched a skeleton, Frankenstein, and a scarecrow to make some funny monster decorations.

We painted pumpkins!

So, as you can see, we've been keeping busy around here.  We're having a bunch of fun in this season of our lives and we're looking forward to the upcoming Holiday season!! :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Flip Books!

You guys ever seen/used flip books?   These little books are so fun.  I made a million of them for my kids to do on their own while I feed the baby breakfast and get him settled in the morning.

First the kiddos color, then they cut the pages apart and then I help them staple their books together.  They read them to their daddy when he gets home from work and Rylea writes her 4 favorite sentences on a handwriting sheet when she's done with hers.

Dieter man thinks it's hilarious that I put a pair of underwear on the U flip book.  I knew he'd love it.

I made a set of color flip books as well so Rylea can practice reading her color words.

The color file includes books for: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, and gray.  Click on the picture above to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The alphabet flip books are fun too.  There's flip books for all the letters A-Z and a handwriting sheet for each letter too :)

I hope your kiddos love these books as much as mine do! :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

All About Numbers

I made another set of printables for our home school this past week.  On the heels of our mystery coloring page, I also made these little All About Numbers books for Rylea and Dieter.  They love working on these.

I explained what initials were recently so Ry was trying out writing her name a new way here. ;)

I like to print my pages front and back to save paper.  Then, I have the kiddos complete all 8 frames on one sheet of paper.  We cut them out on the solid blue lines and staple all the pages together.  Then, she can always go back and look at her number books whenever she needs a refresher.  I also have her read her books to her little brother and she teaches him about numbers too.

Her favorite part is coloring in these little pictures.

There's also a spot for before and after numbers and tens.

This printable took me a pretty good chunk of time to finish so I'm offering this one for sale right here on the blog for just $3.00.  Just click on "buy now" to check out.  You'll get all the pages to make a book for every number from 11-20.

Sugarplum Cuties: All About Numbers 11-20

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